The Seller will inform the Buyer about the date and time of the possible collection from the Seller's warehouse upon confirmation of the order by e-mail.

The Seller does not ship, it will be the Customer's responsibility to collect the goods at the seller's warehouse, or to instruct a courier or other person to collect the goods.

The goods are delivered by advance bank transfer.

Delivery time: - the goods are normally made available to the customer within 8 - 12 working hours from the confirmation of the order of the goods - if the goods are in stock at the distributor, they are made available by the seller to the buyer, usually within 5-21 working days - in the case of some goods, the delivery time may be longer, but the buyer is informed by the seller within 8 working hours of receiving the order. If the buyer does not like the extended deadline for making the goods available, he has the option of canceling the order.

The seller is obliged to: - deliver the goods to the buyer on the basis of the order confirmed by the seller in the agreed quantity, on the date and under the payment conditions valid on the day the order is sent. - pack or prepare the goods for transport in the manner necessary for their conservation and protection.

The seller is not responsible for: - for damage to the shipment caused by the customer, the courier or other post appointed by the customer

The buyer is required to: - take delivery of the purchased or ordered goods - check the integrity of the goods directly on site, even in the presence of a courier or other person, in case of any problem report it immediately. Any subsequent claims for quantity and physical damage to the goods will not be accepted by the seller. -pay the agreed purchase price to the seller by the agreed deadline, according to the payment terms in force on the day the order is sent. - the buyer has the right to collect the goods in the quantity, quality, date and place agreed by the parties after the confirmation of the order by the seller.

Ownership of the goods passes to the buyer after payment of the full amount of the purchase.