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B2B Sales Conditions



These General Conditions of Online Sale regulate B2B sales contracts executed through telematic methods, of the products presented on the Website http://happyislandsk.eu/ owned by HAPPY ISLAND, s.r.o.

J.C.Hronskeho 10

831 02 Bratislava

ICO: 47105941

DEC: 2023762829

IC DPH: SK2023762829.

These General Conditions of Online Sale are governed by the rules on electronic commerce and by Slovak law and apply exclusively to the sale via the Internet (Online Sale), in which the buyer is a person who purchases for business or professional reasons. and not for personal reasons, as defined in art. 1 letter b) of this Agreement.


HAPPY ISLAND, s.r.o. makes itself available to provide, via email, to Customers as defined below, any clarification regarding the content of these General Conditions of Online Sale.





The following definitions apply in these General Conditions of Sale:


      1.Seller is HAPPY ISLAND, s.r.o.

      2.Client is any natural or legal person acting on their own behalf or in the name and on behalf of a company, organization, association, freelancer in possession of a regular VAT number or a regular ICO.

      3.General Online Sales Conditions are the rules governing the sales contract entered into by the Seller and the Customer through the use of the Website http://happyislandsk.eu/


      4.Contract are these General Online Sales Conditions.

     5.Site or Website means the Website http://happyislandsk.eu/ belonging to the Seller, in which the Customer can make online purchases.


      6.Purchase order means the purchase order sent by the Customer through the use of the Seller's Site referring to one or more products, as long as with a minimum of € 1000 plus VAT, through the use of the order procedure indicated on the Site web http://happyislandsk.eu/ and art. 5 of this contract.

      7.Order Confirmation is the message sent by e-mail from the Seller with which he communicates the acceptance of the Purchase Order to the Customer.

      8.Draft is the processing produced by the Seller and sent to the Customer containing the list of products and prices requested by the Customer.

      9.Product or Products are the products described on the Website that can be purchased by the Customer.


2.Object of the contract


        1.Online selling. These General Conditions of Online Sale apply to all Orders relating to the purchase of Products through the use of the Website http://happyislandsk.eu/ made by Customers, as defined above in art. 1 letter b).

        2.The object of the contract is the purchase and sale of products, which the Seller offers for sale on the Website http://happyislandsk.eu/


        1.Product Description. For each Product it is possible to view the international name, one or more images, the ean code, the characteristics of the product, the link of the manufacturer where it is possible to view the complete characteristics.

       2.The information on the products could undergo improvements over time, without this being an element of dispute.

      3.The Seller may eliminate and / or replace the products described on the Site at any time and without notice.


        1.The prices of the Products included in the information sheets are expressed in Euros and are visible net of VAT and gross of VAT, unless otherwise indicated. VAT 20%

        2.Change in product price. The prices of the products published on the Site may be updated and therefore may undergo variations. The Customer will purchase the products at the price published on the Site at the time the order is placed. The variations do not constitute an element of dispute.

          3.Promotions. The Seller reserves the right to carry out different promotions depending, for example, on the categories of the products, the products themselves, the seasonality, the customer profiling, etc.


         4.Shipping and payment costs. The prices of the products indicated in the information sheets do not include shipping costs, the seller does not deliver, the urinated goods will be made available to the Customer at the Seller's collection point in Bratislava, unless otherwise agreed, within 12 hours of confirmation of 'order. The payment must be made by bank transfer in advance of collection of the goods, unless otherwise agreed. The total amount of the payment the Customer reviews before sending the order. Unless otherwise indicated, the shipping costs of the products are entirely charged to the customer.

         5.Change in Prices. The price of the Products and the shipping costs may vary depending on the country of delivery of the Products, due to different existing duties or customs duties.

5.Purchase order

           1.Registration on the Site. To proceed with the purchase of one or more products, with a minimum total order of at least € 1000 plus VAT, the Customer must register on the Website http://happyislandsk.eu/ and provide the Seller with all the data necessary to allow him to execute the Order. The data will be processed in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679 (so-called GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation), regarding the protection of personal data. The Seller may request a certificate of incorporation or other equivalent document, in order to determine the exact identity of the Customer. Upon receipt of the Customer's data, the Seller will promptly send an e-mail to the Customer whose content will indicate the authentication procedure, to allow access to the Site in the part intended for online purchases, containing the account and password chosen by the Customer (the password will not be known by the Seller).

         2.Formulation of the Order. Purchase orders must be made exclusively online through the order procedure on the Site, exclusively by Customers as defined above in art. 1 letter b). The Customer can select the products to purchase by inserting them in the "Virtual Cart", of which he can always view the contents before proceeding with the order. During the order formulation phase up to the forwarding of the order, the Customer will be able to modify the data entered.

        3.Acceptance of the General Conditions of Online Sale. The Customer, by sending the order and the contextual payment, declares to have read and accepted the General Conditions of Online Sale indicated on the Site and declares to have read all the information provided to him during the purchase procedure.

        4.Order Confirmation. The Seller received the order will automatically send an e-mail to the e-mail account communicated by the Customer, containing the confirmation of receipt of the Order. The Order Confirmation will summarize the products chosen by the Customer, their prices, the order number.

         5.Non-availability of the Products. The Seller does not guarantee the complete availability of the products included in the information sheets on the Site. If the products are not available, the Seller will notify the Customer by e-mail. In case of impossibility to proceed with the delivery of the ordered products, the Customer has the right to a full refund of the sums paid.

         6.Conclusion of the Agreement. The Contract will be considered concluded only when the Seller sends the Customer a separate e-mail with the express acceptance of the purchase proposal which will also contain information relating to the expected delivery date ("Shipping Confirmation"). In the event that the order is processed through multiple shipments, the Customer will receive separate Shipping Confirmations. The Customer may cancel the order before receiving the Shipping Confirmation    .


6.Payment of the order


          1.Terms of payment. The customer who purchases must pay in advance using one of the following methods: bank transfer.

          2.Payment method by bank transfer. Payment by bank transfer postpones the execution of the contract at the time of the actual crediting to the Seller's current account. The Customer will receive an email with the Seller's bank details on which to make the payment; in the reason for payment, the company name and the order number must be entered.

          3.Time of payment and default interest. The Customer will pay the full price of the Products ordered, after placing the Order. In case of payment by bank transfer, the Customer must pay within 2 (two) hours of receiving the "Shipping Confirmation" in which the bank details on which to make the payment will be indicated. In the event of non-payment, the Seller will not ship the Products until they have been paid in full

          4.Invoice issuance. The Seller will issue the invoice and this will be attached to the Products delivered and / or also sent in electronic format, to the e-mail address communicated by the Customer with the Shipping Confirmation. No changes to the tax documents can be made after their issue. Invoices will be available in PDF format in the "my account" section of the Site.

          5.Retention of title. The Products remain the property of the Seller until full payment is made. The Customer undertakes to refrain from engaging in conduct or acts that prevent the Seller from exercising the right of retention of title. In the event that the Customer prevents the Seller from exercising the right of retention of title, he will have the right to withdraw with immediate effect all orders accepted and not yet executed with the shipment of the Products.


7.Delivery of Products

           1.Methods and terms for the delivery of products. Delivery of orders is normally guaranteed within 12 working hours. Delivery is made by the seller on the ground floor, outside his warehouse, unless otherwise agreed between the Seller and the Customer. The customer is responsible for the customs clearance of the products and for any ancillary operation connected to it as well as for the payment of customs duties and taxes, where applicable. The customer carries out the collection on his own through a third party, in this case by giving written notice to the Seller. The seller reserves the right to ask the Customer or third party for an identity document when picking up the goods. The Seller packs for the shipment of the Products in the form deemed most appropriate and is not liable for any failures, breakages, tampering and shortages that may occur after leaving its warehouses. Any complaints or disputes arising from or related to transport and / or complementary and / or subsequent operations thereto, must be submitted exclusively by the Customer to the carrier or any third party responsible for the collection. The Seller is exonerated from any liability in the event of loss or damage to the products caused by inaccurate transport or handling.

             2.Failure to collect the Products. If it is not possible to complete the delivery due to the absence of the Customer at the address indicated, the goods will be kept for 2 days by the Seller in its warehouse, after 2 days the Seller will apply the storage costs that amount to € 2 plus VAT. per day for each Pallet.

             3.Failure or delay in delivery due to force majeure. The Seller is not responsible for failure or delay in delivery due to force majeure such as, by way of example and not limited to: strikes, provisions of the Public Authority, rationing or shortage of energy, fires, floods, earthquakes, floods, wars, insurrections. The Seller will promptly notify the Customer of the occurrence and absence of a force majeure event.

             4.Instructions for the collection of the goods. At the time of collection of the material and before signing the document accompanying the goods, the Customer or other person in charge of collection, is required to carefully check that the number of products, quality and quantity delivered is consistent with those mentioned on the accompanying document. goods. The Customer is also required to check the physical state of the packages by checking that they have not been tampered with and / or damaged. For any problem encountered, the Customer must immediately report it to the Seller, specifying the reason (for example: missing package, broken package, tampered package, etc.). By omitting this procedure, the Customer has no right to claim compensation for damages from the Seller.




         1.Defects in the supply. The Customer must report the existence of supply defects within the deadline of 5 days from the date of collection of the items, by registered letter addressed to

HAPPY ISLAND, s.r.o. J.C.Hronskeho 10, 831 02 Bratislava.

After this deadline, the articles are considered accepted. In any case, the Customer must send, at his own expense, the goods deemed non-compliant with HAPPY ISLAND, s.r.o. J.C.Hronskeho 10, 831 02 Bratislava, or to another address that the Seller will communicate. A subsequent check by the Seller will establish whether the goods can be returned. If non-conformities are found, the Seller undertakes to agree with the Customer the methods of a new supply of the same amount or possibly the reimbursement for the defective goods which will be made using the same payment method used by the Customer at the time of payment of the order, by bank transfer. In the event that the Seller does not find imperfections such as to justify the dispute, the goods will remain at the Seller's headquarters pending collection by the Customer.

      2.Right of withdrawal. The right of withdrawal is not allowed for professional clients.

           3.Applicable law. The sales contract between the Seller and the Customer is concluded in Slovakia and is governed by Slovak law